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Interesting textures with layered fractal gradients

Some interesting gradient textures are created with a fractal subdivision process.

More Generative Art in HTML5 Canvas – Sweeping Fractal Lines, version 2

More generative art experiments with smoothly transitioning lines drawn on the canvas. Parameters for drawing the lines are determined by a fractal subdivision process similar to my earlier art experiments.

Generative Art in HTML5 Canvas – Sweeping Fractal Lines

Slowly morphing fractal curves sweep across the canvas, creating very pretty evolving and flowing structures. I present seven different variations on this theme, using different colors, gradients, and drawing parameters. Included is the necessary code for exporting images from the canvas to a saveable format.

Pleasantly imperfect rectangles using fractal subdivision

I extend the ideas in my post on drawing imperfect circles, now to draw imperfect rectangles. I tweak the fractal subdivision process used to determine the randomness, and create a couple more examples of simple but pleasant shapes that appear to be drawn by a human.

Imperfect Circles – Aesthetic imperfection with fractal subdivision

Getting a computer to draw a shape in the way that a human would requires programming in some imperfection. I show you how a fractal subdivision algorithm can be used to draw some pleasantly imperfect circles.