Archives for February 2012

Pleasantly imperfect rectangles using fractal subdivision

I extend the ideas in my post on drawing imperfect circles, now to draw imperfect rectangles. I tweak the fractal subdivision process used to determine the randomness, and create a couple more examples of simple but pleasant shapes that appear to be drawn by a human.

Imperfect Circles – Aesthetic imperfection with fractal subdivision

Getting a computer to draw a shape in the way that a human would requires programming in some imperfection. I show you how a fractal subdivision algorithm can be used to draw some pleasantly imperfect circles.

Fire Trails – colorful fading trails in a particle effect

I modify an earlier particle effect to create colorful, fiery trails behind the particles as they fly around and bounce off circular walls.

Bouncing particles off a circular boundary

How do you bounce particles off a circular wall? I present a simple example and discuss some of the vector mathematics behind the code.

HTML5 3D particles in a 2D canvas, sprite sheet optimized

More pretty parametric curve built out of particles. I optimize my code which creates 3D particles in a 2D canvas, by using a sprite sheet. During the testing of this effect, I have observed some interesting browser differences.