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Dithered gradients for Processing.

I share some code that you can use in Processing applications to create linear and radial gradients. These gradients can be used with or without dithering, which creates a very smooth appearance.

Decay Clock: A Processing sketch.

My first post on Processing: a digital clock made out of little square tiles slowly disintegrates, as the digits are repeatedly destroyed and renewed on a synchronized basis.

ColorBoids: The boid algorithm in five dimensions

The boid algorithm applied to a five-dimensional space: two spatial coordinates and three color coordinates. Play with the settings and watch some interesting pictures emerge.

Random Braids – minimalist generative art in HTML5 canvas

Minimalist generative art in the form of colorful braided strings. Inspired by mathematics and the book “10 Print.”

Interesting textures with layered fractal gradients

Some interesting gradient textures are created with a fractal subdivision process.

Updated With New Features: Beautiful Fractals in HTML5 Canvas

A newly updated fractal flame generator in HTML5 canvas, with more controls and features. Apply rotational or mirror symmetries, or a non-linear variation which can produce pretty swirls. Try out the eight different presets for a quick start.

A Colorful Cellular Automaton in HTML5 Canvas

Watch a cellular automaton create a pleasantly evoloving tapestry of color. The algorithm makes use of some ideas from a flocking algorithm. It is completely deterministic but the resulting color changes appear to be unpredictable.

HTML5 Canvas: Beautiful fractals with the chaos game.

Beautiful fractals are rendered in the HTML5 canvas with a simplified fractal flame algorithm. Have fun generating fractals with randomized maps while saving the images you like.

More Generative Art in HTML5 Canvas – Sweeping Fractal Lines, version 2

More generative art experiments with smoothly transitioning lines drawn on the canvas. Parameters for drawing the lines are determined by a fractal subdivision process similar to my earlier art experiments.

Generative Art in HTML5 Canvas – Sweeping Fractal Lines

Slowly morphing fractal curves sweep across the canvas, creating very pretty evolving and flowing structures. I present seven different variations on this theme, using different colors, gradients, and drawing parameters. Included is the necessary code for exporting images from the canvas to a saveable format.