RectangleWorld is a blog by Dan Gries. I initially started this blog to share some tutorials and code in HTML5 canvas and JavaScript, but the blog has since branched out to include some little artistic experiments, web applications, or whatever I happen to be working on which might be worth sharing. My work lately has been with JavaScript and canvas, but also with Processing, and I expect to be working in other technologies as my time allows.

I am increasingly interested in generative art. Stop by my flickr page to see some of my work. I hope to add to this as my time allows.

To help support the site, I’m putting some greeting cards, prints, and other products together in my Zazzle store and store. Contact me for more information about my work!

I used to do a lot of programming in Flash and ActionScript, and you can see a lot of my older work at flashandmath.

I have a Ph.D. in mathematics, with computer programming coming later in life. Because of my background, my coding experiments often have an overt mathematical nature, but not always. Sometimes I just like to make something pretty.

As for the name of the blog, RectangleWorld? The domain name was just as ridiculous as it was available. But everything we see in the HTML Canvas takes place in a rectangle in a rectangular browser window, displayed on your rectangular computer monitor. So there you go – welcome to RectangleWorld!